We can provide expert assistance in structuring and arranging finance for clients seeking to purchase or refinance aviation assets, catering to both private individuals and commercial entities. 

Trust us to navigate the complexities of aviation financing, which includes connecting you to the right industry specialists, to ensure that you secure the most favourable terms and achieve your objectives with confidence.

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Our team possesses the expertise to guide you

Trust us to navigate the complexities of aviation financing

Our team can assist you in the following key areas:

Aircraft & Engine Finance

Investments Banks & Private Equity, Aircraft Financing Solutions and disposals

Aircraft & Engine Leasing

Finance Leasing & Operating Leases

Aircraft Sales & Marketing
Aircraft Repossessions
Commercial & Private Aircraft
Passenger & Cargo Aircraft

Marc Traube

Email: Marc.Traube@kmtlaw.co.uk

Pricing Overview

Our fees are determined on an hourly rate basis, tailored to the specifics of each case, unless a fixed fee is agreed prior to engagement. Before commencing any work, we transparently discuss our rates with you.

Disbursements, such as court fees and other related expenses, are billed separately. Please note that our hourly rates are exclusive of VAT.

Our fees, as well as the majority of disbursement costs, are subject to Value Added Tax (VAT) at the current rate of 20%.