Company Formation

Starting a new venture is an exciting prospect. However, integral to the formation of any new business is ensuring that the correct legal structure is in place at the outset, in order to optimise its success.

Each business structure has its own obligations and protections and understanding the differences and implications is critical to ensuring the right business model is adopted. It is often prudent to also enter into a shareholder agreement to offer clarity in how the business is run and to avoid conflict over the long-term.

We can provide all company formation and set up services, including registered office, whether in the UK or in other jurisdictions. We can also advise on the most suitable corporate structure for almost any purpose including portfolio companies, holding companies for property investment or intellectual property, trading companies, captive finance and insurance, and offshore banks.

At KMT we advise clients on the legal, tax, accounting and regulatory implications to enable them to pursue the most appropriate structure based upon their specific business needs and goals.

Additionally, as well as providing advice on the company formation, we can help you understand your legal responsibilities and compliance obligations within your role as a business owner or director.

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We also provide the following services:

Business formation and registration of new UK companies and ‘off the shelf’ companies
Corporate restructuring
Partnership agreements
Shareholder agreements
Joint venture agreements
Director duties
Companies Act compliance
Certification of Documentation
Company Formation