Intellectual Property

At Karam, Missick & Traube, we recognise that intellectual property (IP) is not merely a legal concept but a cornerstone of innovation and competitive advantage in today’s dynamic business landscape. Our dedicated team of IP specialists and seasoned litigators is committed to safeguarding our clients’ valuable assets through comprehensive legal counsel and strategic advocacy.

From budding startups to established enterprises, individuals to corporations, our clientele spans a spectrum of industries and sizes domestic and international. 

Whether it is drafting agreements, conducting due diligence, or litigating infringement disputes, our team is equipped with the knowledge and experience to address the diverse needs of our clients. We understand the intricacies of IP law and tailor our approach to achieve optimal outcomes for each client.

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Karam, Missick & Traube are here to guide you through every step of the legal journey

Our clients range from small to large scale enterprises, individuals, start-ups and entrepreneurs.

Clients utilise our expertise in the following areas:

IP registrations
Copyright and related rights including database rights
Design protection
IT, technology and communications
IP researches and opinion
Passing off

Intellectual Property Pricing Overview

The fees will depend on a variety of factors and are billed on an hourly rate basis. We discuss rates prior to undertaking any work leading to litigation.

Disbursements will be charged separately and our hourly rates exclude VAT.

Our fees, as well as the majority of Disbursements costs are subject to VAT at the current rate of 20%.

Intellectual Property